运费过高? 大多数公司都!

在物流局, we continually keep tabs on the freight service-provider market, 因为这是新万博下载ios版对客户承诺的核心焦点. Most businesses that use freight providers don’t do the same, because… why would they?

You probably have way too much going on in the day-to-day management of your enterprise to monitor freight prices minutely. However, the reality is that most companies are paying too much for their freight transportation.

If your company is already locked into one or more freight contracts, you might be shocked to find that they’re not delivering the most attractive mix of service and price. 在这些合同结束之前, 查明真相是有意义的, and prepare to negotiate future contracts offering a more balanced distribution of value.

与新万博下载ios版在悉尼的货运顾问之一聊天, 墨尔本, 布里斯班, 珀斯, 今天的曼谷和越南.  只需点击上面的“与咨询师交谈”按钮.

Our freight consulting assignments have ranged across the world and include countries such as 阿根廷, 澳大利亚, 巴西, 柬埔寨, 中国, 埃及, 斐济, 香港, 印尼, 日本, 韩国, 老挝, 马来西亚, 蒙古, 新西兰, 巴布新几内亚, 菲律宾, 新加坡, 泰国, 阿拉伯联合酋长国, 联合王国, 美国 & 越南.


Here are a few of the reasons why companies that rely on freight services end up with contracts that cost more, 并提供更少的, 比他们应该:

  • Most companies look at only around 30% of the service-provider market when sourcing contracts.
  • Gaps between contractual service standards and actual delivery tend to appear, and widen, over time.
  • Freight-service customers are often not prescriptive enough when negotiating contracts with providers.
  • Companies may not have exposure to a broad enough range of providers, 而且所使用的提供者组合可能并不匹配, 特别是对有更专业需求的企业.
  • 服务提供商一直在协商合同, whereas customers might not do so on such a frequent basis. 因此, customers can overlook some of the subtleties weighting contracts in favour of the providers.

In short, obtaining maximum value from freight contracts is not especially easy. If you don’t have experienced logistics specialists involved in your negotiations, you might not feel confident that your contracts are serving you as well as they should.

Freight Contract Negotiation: We’ll Help You Get it Right

The principles of freight contract negotiation are straightforward enough. 这只是一个简单的例子:

  • 确定你的货运需求
  • Determining the type of services best suited to those needs
  • 选择最适合的货运公司
  • 协商适当的汇率结构

在实践中虽然, 大量的时间和精力, 以及具体的专业知识, 是否需要完成上面列出的步骤. 虽然新万博下载ios版很难质疑正确操作的价值, 资源限制可能成为阻碍, especially if logistics is not a core competence in your organisation.

That’s where it helps to have some dedicated and skilled specialists on your side. 这确实是有代价的, but with the possibility of freight rate savings in double figures, the payback often makes it worthwhile to bring in some external help.

Would you like to negotiate your next freight contracts with a strong likelihood of reducing your costs by 8 to 15%?

That’s the typical range of savings that we’ve identified in assessments for our clients—72% of them, 更精确地说. 新万博下载ios版可以帮助你达到这些水平, drawing on our comprehensive knowledge of freight service providers, 他们的业务, 标准和成本动因.

与任何物流服务供应商都没有关联, 新万博下载ios版是来帮你了解你的需求的, identify the most suitable general or specialist freight carriers to meet them, 最重要的是, 以现实的价格接受正确的服务.

Our contract negotiation services range from advisory support, 通过全面参与采购过程, 并可包括以下任何或全部:

  • Gap analysis – to identify gaps between service standards and delivery
  • Service specifications – presented in a way that encourages high-quality responses from carriers
  • Tendering assistance – helping you answer questions such as:
    • 你应该整合或使用专家吗?
    • Should you select a wide or narrow, pre-qualified set of participants?
    • Which set of providers represents the most flexible mix of options?
  • Contract negotiation – yielding transparent, cost-efficient outcomes
  • Implementation – we’ll support your transition to a new contract and help you implement effectively




  • 物流局’s track record of successful freight and transport contract negotiation is the result of in-depth industry research and application of our findings in real-world settings.
  • 新万博下载ios版和所有的运输方式合作, and know how to engage service providers in dialog driven by data and a prescriptive approach founded on comprehensive understanding of their needs and cost drivers.
  • 新万博下载ios版已经在30多个国家完成了项目, 包括, 当然, 澳大利亚和新西兰, 在亚洲也是如此, 以及北美和南美.
  • We have significant exposure to the capabilities of a broad range of transport service providers operating across all industry sectors.



Are you planning to tender for freight transportation services?

Before you take the next steps, take a 15-minute call with one of our freight contract specialists. It costs nothing, and might be just what you need to get more value from your negotiations.


  1. 简要回顾一下你们目前的货运合同.
  2. A high-level assessment of the possible savings opportunities, 或者可以提高价值的领域.
  3. 最初的行动计划供你使用.

在通话结束时, you will have some clarity about the elements of your freight contract(s) that you might be able to improve upon, and about how we can help if you choose to engage us in your negotiation process.



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Take the First Steps to an Informed Freight Contract Negotiation

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